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Make Yours a Romantic Night with Flowers and Chocolate

There’s nothing more romantic in life than a night in with your loved one, surrounded by beautiful flowers and chocolate to enjoy. And at Handy Flowers we want to help you keep the romance alive in your life with our flower delivery options. At our London flower shop, not only can you choose stunning flowers to make that certain someone feel extra special, but you can now order chocolate to be delivered with your bouquet. It’s the truly romantic pairing that no one can resist, so settle in for a wonderful night when you decide to order flowers with delicious chocolate for your beau. Call us today and order flowers and chocolate delivery on 020 3409 3030!

Treat Yourself with a Special Flower Delivery

When we think of flower and chocolate delivery we often associate it with romance, and while it certainly is a staple of a romantic night in, at Handy Flowers we also believe that having flowers delivered with chocolate can mean so much more. So don’t wait until that romantic partner is in your life to send flowers by post, call us on 020 3409 3030 and order a gorgeous flower delivery for yourself. Whether you’re celebrating something wonderful in your life or you just fancy cheering yourself up with a bouquet of flowers and a bar of chocolate, in our opinion, there’s never a bad time to order flowers for yourself or for those you love. So why not visit our florist and browse our gorgeous selection of flowers and chocolate?

There’s Nothing More Thoughtful than Having Flowers and Chocolates Delivered

Want to make someone in your life feel special and loved? Then flowers and chocolate delivery is the way to go. We truly believe that there is no better way to show someone you are thinking of them than sending chocolates and having flowers delivered to their door. It could be a romantic partner, but it definitely doesn’t have to be. You might just want to send a flower delivery to a friend in London who’s having a bad week or say thank you to a relative who helped you out of a jam. But no matter what you’re trying to say, there’s no better way to say it than with flowers. Call our expert florists in London on 020 3409 3030 today to order your bouquet and send it with chocolates today!

Make Someone’s Day with Flowers by Post

Have you ever had flowers delivered to your home or work? If so, then you probably know just how amazing it can make you feel. Even the very worst days can be transformed into a great day when you get a flower delivery unexpectedly. So why not make someone else’s day with flowers and chocolate from our delectable selection at Handy Flowers. We have a superb range of flowers and chocolates to choose from, and they can all be personalised to make sure that whoever you’re sending them to knows you’re thinking of and love them. Pick the perfect flowers and then add a yummy box of chocolates to make their day super special, and let our London flower delivery team make sure they get there safely.

Cheap Flowers That Won’t Break the Bank

Sending flowers to yourself or someone you care about is such a wonderful thing to do, most of us wish we could afford to do it every day. Now, while we wouldn’t suggest actually sending flowers every day - it could get quite crowded quite quickly - we are here to make it affordable for everyone to send flowers in London as often as they like. Our cheap flowers are designed to make sure that all of our customers can enjoy access to extraordinary quality flowers no matter their budget. And the best thing is we don’t skimp on quality - you get the same amazing quality you’d find at any other flower shop (better in most cases) only with a major discount. Sound good? Call us today on 020 3409 3030 or order flowers online!

Enjoy Romance without the Wait Thanks to Our Same Day Delivery

If you’re thinking of sending a flower delivery to your loved one, along with some gorgeous chocolates to sweeten the deal, then you probably don’t want to wait days or weeks for them to arrive. Fortunately we are here to make sure you don’t have to. With help from our florist you can up the romance stakes without the wait thanks to our same and next day delivery options. Yep, same day flower delivery is available, so if you feel the urge to send flowers to your loved one, there’s no need to wait. Just call us or visit our florist online today and get flowers and chocolate delivered in no time!

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